Ingredients and quality


Six good qualities
of infusions



Everybody recognizes its particular taste. Chamomile tea brings a favourable effect on digestion,  strengthens immune system, helps to overcome fatigue, exhaustion and stress. .
In addition to a delicate tart flavour, rosehips give to the herbal tea many vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. Rosehip strengthens the immune system and contributes to general health improvement. It restores strength, removes fatigue and  helps to forget melancholy.
Linden flowers are known for their original scent with subtle notes of honey aroma. Thanks to its antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, the linden infusion warms us in cold weather and protects us from cold-related diseases.
Melissa releases an intense lemon fragrance enriching the infusion. Its beneficial ingredients calm your nervous system and improve appetite and digestion.

This plant stimulates cardiac activity and acts gently on your nervous system. It is a perfect remedy from insomnia and headaches.

High content of essential oils explains the pleasant aroma and healing properties of thyme. In particular, it has a beneficial effect on the respiratory and digestive systems, in the same time it produces an antispasmodic and bactericidal action.
Hawthorn contributes to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular conditions as well as to the normalization of blood pressure and digestion. Besides, it is an effective remedy from work-related stress  and insomnia.
Thanks to its antiviral properties, it boosts immunity and acts as an effective remedy against colds.
Its almond aroma and velvety taste enchant you while Its bewitching fragrance touches you like a welcome summer breeze.
Rich in vitamins, especially in vitamin C, the blackcurrant leaf herbal tea is essential to fight vitamin deficiency, strengthen the immune system and fight off cold. It can also speed up your recovery from a serious illness or help you to get back in shape after overwork.
Lavender tea is distinguished by its particular sweet and delicate aroma with a lasting sweet aftertaste. Lavender helps you to relax and find your balance.

Peppermint leaves have a special scent and a refreshing taste, they bring notes of freshness to any drink. The taste of the mint tea is particularly pleasant. It produces invigorating and refreshing effect. This herbal tea will help you to relax, regain strength, stimulate your appetite and improve your digestion.